List of Best Notepad++ Alternatives & Competitors 2023

And that’s how the community refines the product and guides the project in the right direction. Inspired by the FSF, Notepad++ has been open-source since day one. Still, Notepad++ is not just an open-source project but, more specifically, “free software,” which gives people the legal right and freedom to modify the code. It suggested that software would work better if the code were accessible to the people that used it.

  • When telemetry is off, its experimental framework calls out to a Microsoft-owned service and is therefore disabled.
  • Spacemacs comes with hundreds of tailor-made packages that will enhance the productivity of busy programmers greatly.
  • And these are the list of not only some of the best text editors but also Notepad++ alternatives.
  • Obsidian comes with two base themes, light and dark.

We have already said that Notepad is a very basic text editor. Therefore, let’s look at similar options but with additional functions. The editor displays only the characters visible in the file.

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The above-listed software’s are well compatible with any of the windows version like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. Quickpadis an honorable mention among the notepad alternatives that is not listed in the above list. You can also read our article on Best note taking software for windows. Fluent Notepad is the basic version of the Notepad and not suitable for those who need an extreme notepad alternative with a lot of features to make their tasks simple.

Moreover, it also assists automatic completion of the notes, supports multiple languages and one can format anything using its advanced features. So, to fill up the deficiencies in Notepad, developers have designed some advanced software with the same interface but include some extra features. Programmers will be most fond of these new versions as they provide all the features to run codes in various machine languages. Below are some of the latest best notepad alternatives or replacements to traditional text editors compatible with Windows 10, Mac and Linux.

Enable a Dark Mode for Windows Desktop Applications

This will automatically install the code command so we can use it in the terminal. Note that in the image above it says “recently used” — this will only show up on your machine if you installed the code command recently. Now when opening listing files through the SACS Executive or generating reports from Precede, Notepad++ will open instead of the included SACS text editor.

BBEdit is an advanced HTML editor although can be used for basic note taking. It can be used for checking prefs, html or xml files of all types. And because coding can be resource intensive, optimize your Mac’s RAM with MacKeeper’s Memory Cleaner feature. It can make all the difference when you’re dealing with large files and rendering projects. It’s best to download it from its official website or Microsoft store.

This is the shortest and simplest method to get a black notepad in Windows 10 without searching for a dark notepad alternative. There are many reasons why someone might prefer to use a dark mode black notepad. For one, it can be easier on the eyes when working in low-light conditions.

It’s tough to say which developers would enjoy Vim as a text editor. Yet, it still has the charm and powerful feature-set that the average developer needs. I would recommend it to more advanced developers who enjoy using open source software and being a part of a community–like the one you can find behind Vim. It doesn’t matter what programming languages you’re using, because Vim supports hundreds of languages, along with several different types of file formats. Having said that, you can expect a strong search and replace functionality, along with a large collection of plugins to extend the feature-set in this text editor.

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