Chicago weather: Snow storm this week forecast to dump several inches of snowfall Thursday, Friday; Winter Storm Watch issued

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Far from the storm’s disruptions to airports, highways and city bustle, life went on pretty much as usual in the rural western Iowa town of Soldier, despite the cold and snow. Dinkla also said the state of Iowa has issued a temporary ban on towing vehicles, which means any cars left stuck out on the roads or in ditches may not be cleared until Monday, when conditions are safer. It cautioned that even then, however, temperatures will still be dangerously low, “especially for anyone that becomes stranded in blizzard conditions.” It’s unclear what kind of warning or watch might replace the blizzard and wind chill warnings, Jimenez said, adding that additional evaluation is needed. A Freeze Warning continues tonight through Wednesday morning.

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Southern portions of the city of Buffalo were placed under a travel ban, while the remainder of the city was under a travel advisory. The highest total from the storm was measured in Hamburg, New York, where 81.2 inches of snow piled up. The official measurement at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport was a total of 36.6 inches, which ranked as Buffalo’s 5th-highest 3-day snowfall on record. When inclement weather threatens the safety of the University of Cincinnati community, the Director of Public Safety may declare an emergency closing. It is possible that only some campuses of the university may close.

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Most weather apps provide similar data about current conditions—temperature, humidity, wind, and visibility, to name a few. So, the best app for you depends on your preference for user experience. Sorryforthis Here, we break down what you can expect from 12 of the top free and paid weather apps for Apple and Android devices. The app also gives you standard weather information, like daily temperatures, weather conditions and future coasts. There is also a section on the homepage dedicated to allergies, and the app displays severe weather alerts across the top of the homepage for easy access. During winter storms, the City of Somerville may declare a snow emergency.

Be careful with the questionable pop-up ads as they might not have the best intentions. You can easily get infected with another potentially unwanted program while clicking on this app’s adverts.

These are some of the best weather apps and widgets on Android. Some of the honorable mentions include Flowx, Yahoo Weather, and Appy Weather. Do you think we missed any great weather apps or widgets? It uses information from a number of radar sites around the world, including North America, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Germany.

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